I would like to create notification rule in Database Grid control 10g which will monitor job status after start of the job. I have tried such way :

- create notification rule
- go to the jobs page
(I've choosen "specific job" in combo box and next "GO" button and "Add Specific Jobs" page has been displayed. But there were 4 jobs for sysman user. No jobs listed by select * from dba_scheduler_jobs


i've choosen "jobs by criteria" in combo box and next "GO" button and "Add Jobs by Criteria" page has been displayed. I've wriiten my job name in "JOB NAME" text box)

AND i've checked "Problem" check box at "Job status" section

- go to methods tab and chose "Send Me E-mail" check box
- and OK

Rule has been created.
But i haven't received any email even that my job has failed.

This task is weakly documented. so i need help of someone who has done similiar task.

Appreciate for any help.

Best Regards Arkadiusz Masny