Hi all,

DB: using ASM
O/S: Windows

We have a database that has been set up with 2 ASM diskgroups: DATA and ONLINELOG. The ONLINELOG diskgroup holds all the archive redo logs and some online redo log members. During the weekend gone the alert log complained that the ONLINELOG diskgroup disk space had been exhausted whilst Oracle was trying to archive logs. This eventually led to the ASM instance being terminated.

Wehave managed to get to database back up in mount state. However we cannot mount the ONLINELOG diskgroup as Oracle is complaining of a disk write lost failure (ORA-15096: lost disk write detected ). This means that a failure either by disk hardware or disk software caused a disk write to be lost, even though ASM received acknowledgement that the write completed.

The official solution mentions that the diskgroup is corrupt and cannot be recovered. The disk group must be recreated, and its contents restored from backups. We donít have any backups (this solution is not managed by us, we are trying to help another part of the company). Hence, my question here is there anyway we can open the database? (There are some members of the online redo logs on the available diskgroup)

Any help will be highly appreciated,