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    Ok heres what I can find out for now, the database is up and running but the apps are all failing, with ora-04091 and ora-04088. So I went to look at the first trigger that i got an error on, I use SQL Navigator, ,when I went to browse the triggers it came up with a popup err for every trigger in the schema saying" unable to find insert triggername here in ALL_OBJECTS", then the trigger would open up and it looks fine. So I went to look at all_objects and there are NO records with object type of TRIGGER??? How did this happen and how can I rebuild this aqll_objects table to reflect the triggers in my DB?? Pleeeeease hurry 200 people mad and breathing down my neck!!!!

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can try rebuilding your catalog by running the cat scripts for the database as sys, catalog.sql, catproc.sql, etc etc, but I don't know if that's the problem.

    Someone with more experience would be of more help, sorry, just replying with what I can say fast :)

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    Yes, you can re-create your catalog with the cat* scripts. However, I agree with pwoneil in saying that this is probably not your problem.

    The ORA-4091 error is typically an application design error. (See [url]http://govt.oracle.com/~tkyte/Mutate/index.html[/url] for solutions )

    The text of the error is:
    Error: ORA 4091
    Text: table %s.%s is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
    Cause: A trigger (or a user defined plsql function that is referenced in
    this statement) attempted to look at (or modify) a table that was
    in the middle of being modified by the statement which fired it.
    Action: Rewrite the trigger (or function) so it does not read that table.

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    I saw that about the error but was assuming the application(s) all worked reliably and then all of a sudden went south?

    What could have happened in that timeframe?

    Was there a move of development code to the production server? Perhaps it wasn't fully tested?

    That might account for the mutating error, un-tested development code being put into the production database, but I don't know how that would corrupt your all_objects view in the data dictionary.

    Do you know what else was happening in the database at the time it failed?

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    I think you all are right, I disabled that trigger and the system is working....BUT this did lead me to find the other problem of none of the triggers being listed in the data dictionary(all_objects). So if I re-run my catalog scripts I will rebuild the all_tables view(or table?)

    Thanks TONS

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    Just wondering, if you disabled the trigger, will there be potention for data problems? I guess development people need to look at this also.

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