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    understanding this timestamp

    im getting an error
    Warning: ociexecute() [function.ociexecute]: ORA-01840: input value not long enough for date format ORA-06512:

    although im not very familiar with this i understand that its either too long or too short? i've tried this in many formats

    heres my to_timestamp
    to_timestamp('17-MAY-08 AM','DD-MON-RRHH.MI.SSXFF AM')

    the table column is timestamp(4)

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    I hope you aren't storing a timestamp as a full blown string. Especially considering that a date field is 7 bytes. It's a compressed format. Try the following. If it doesn't work start with the date portion and start adding to it. Remember the date has to exactly match the format.

    to_timestamp('17-MAY-08 AM','DD-MON-RR HH.MI.SSXFF AM')
    this space intentionally left blank

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    timestamp(4) is the type on my record_update_ts field

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