I have a task to pull date out from a large table (4GB)
I would be trying different SQL to generte them at diffetent times to a sigle text file.
Here's the sample scritp that I wrote to do it:

set pause off
--set newpage none
set heading off
set pagesize 0
set concat ~
--set feedback off
--set verify off
--set linesize 1000
set trimspool off
set trimout off
set termout off
spool c:\bg1\test1.txt
select PRSBR_ID||'|'||PRSBR_NAME||'|'||PRSBR_ADDR1 from
test1 where prsbr_id='10001'
order by prsbr_name;
spool off

Each time I run this I need to append the data to an already existing text file called test1.txt.
How do we do that.
Could someone send me better scripts to do this ???