am facing a problem with a queryto find the item info , for all the item sold , bonus qty

I have a table trans with the following
item_code varchar2(20)
slt_code varchar2(10)
invoice_date date
sa_amount number(25,10)
qty_sold number (25,10)
fy_year number(4)
fyp_seq number(2)

where item_code is the name of item
slt_code is the type of sales , it can be C or B (c being cash and b being bonus )
invoice_date is the date
sa_amount is the cost of the the items sold
qty_sold is the quantity sold of the item(depending on whether its C, or B)
fy_year indicates the year
fyp_seq indicates the period

example of table data
PHBI0 C 24-MAR-08 20 12 2008 3
PHBI0 B 28-MAR-08 0 10 2008 3
PHBI0 C 24-FEB-08 10 10 2008 2

problem is to display the
item_code , cost of the item(this should contain only belonging to slt_code C), qty_sold (again belonging to slt_code c), bonus quantity(belonging to slt_code =B) , ytd_qty( this should total all the qty of the particular item upto the current period for the slt_code =C)

so if i run a query for the item_code PHBIO for the period of march
i should get the result as
I have all this info from just one table , is there a way out