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    why oem doesn't send me tablespace space used alert email?

    Hi, All,

    I am using Oracle 10g Standard Edition on Windows 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 Edition. I have configured notification methods in OEM to send email to me, and be able to run Test Mail Servers to send me a test email. I also configure the Notification Rules and Schedule. But it doesn't send me email for a tablespace which is 100% full. Alough I can see the alert in home page and alert history. I am very confused, am I missing anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zxmgh
    ... am I missing anything?
    You sure are.

    Did the send test e-mail work?
    If it did work and you have correctly configured EM, then it's possible the problem resides on the WinDoze side.

    I don't do WinDoze, but I remember on one occasion the e-mail {or whatever} process had to be started (or added to the services or something).

    Good luck!
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