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    Understanding Execution Vs Buffer gets

    Weird query ---- so dont go into that ......... this is just for an example for my learning.......

    anyway, if I have to interpret the below statement ....... I will go like that ...

    a) for 20 executions the total buffer gets was 102,785,853
    b) CPU time was 1143.09
    c) Elapsd time was 3424.20
    CPU Elapsd
    Buffer Gets Executions Gets per Exec %Total Time (s) Time (s) Hash Value
    --------------- ------------ -------------- ------ -------- --------- ----------
    102,785,853 20 5,139,292.7 42.9 1143.09 3424.20 988817073
    Module: JDBC Thin Client

    questions are

    a) Why does a query need to be executed 20 times? Does that mean this query has been fired 20 times in different times?
    b) Now if I revise the number 20 with 1 ------- which signifies that for 1 execution the total buffer gets will be (for example) 102,785,853 ---- which is better ..................... 102,785,853 buffer gets for 20 executions or 102,785,853 for 1 execution? and Why?


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    a) You tell us. Yes.
    b) Huh?... you got 102,785,853 buffer gets for 20 executions
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