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Thread: Resource directive - ACTIVE_SESS_POOL_P1 and db link

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    Resource directive - ACTIVE_SESS_POOL_P1 and db link


    I would like to limit number of active sessions connecting to oracle database from other oracle database through db link. I've tried to use ACTIVE_SESS_POOL_P1
    parameter from resource directive. I've set this parameter to 3. But still i can have more than 3 sessions active connecting through db link from other oracle database. I would like to mention that this parameter works properly if i have active sessions directly connected to database which have resource plan active with ACTIVE_SESS_POOL_P1 set.
    Such behaviour may be caused by different treat of db link session but i don't now nothing about this.
    Could someone help me, please ?

    Best Regards Arkadiusz Masny

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    You can have profile with SESSIONS_PER_USER resource for the user which you are connecting through db_link.
    But you may not be able to do it if you are using same user on the server for other purposes also coz it may then limit no of sessions for that also.

    Best is dedicate a seperate user which will be only used through db_link and add profile to that.

    I hope i have put it in correct english.

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