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    As i understand the 'compatible' parameter of initetra.ora make the database work as the parameter is it true?

    do you know difference netween and


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    The compatible parameter lets you use a new release will guaranteeing backward compatibility with an earlier version.
    This parameter identifies the release that the server must maintain compatiblity.
    It means you get the benefit of the maintenance fixes of the new release but only the functionality of the release indicated by the compatible parameter.

    Allowing you to upgrade to the latest oracle release to gain bug fixes. But giving you time to test the new functionality with your application (On another server)

    ie If you have 8.0.4 installed but the compatibility parameter set to 8.0.3 then you'll be benefiting from the 8.0.4 software..ie less bugs etc but you will only be able to use the functions available in 8.0.3. None of the new 8.0.4 functionality will be available (I'm not sure there was much added functionality between 8.0.3 and 8.0.4 so in this case the settings may not have much effect - comments welcome!!).

    Hope this helps



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    Yes, As Moff has said, if you have your compatible set to 8.0.3 when you have installed 8.0.4, and try to utilize a feature that is available in 8.0.4 but not 8.0.3, you will get an error. You can easily fix this error by editing the parameter in init.ora file and rebooting the database. However, it is always good practice to keep the compatible parameter up to date with the version and patches you have installed.

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