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Thread: Oracle Driver-Type

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    Oracle Driver-Type

    how to find out what is the Oracle Driver-Type?

    Oracle Driver-Type? related to that specific database ????

    I have been told this guy (testing ppl) are using this spcific drive. so i need to find the oracle driver-type ???


    "I am using the Oracle driver (OraOLEDB.Oracle "


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    Driver Versions

    These are the driver versions in the release:

    - JDBC Thin Driver
    100% Java client-side JDBC driver for use in client applications,
    middle-tier servers and applets.

    - JDBC OCI Driver
    Client-side JDBC driver for use on a machine where OCI
    is installed.

    - JDBC Thin Server-side Driver
    JDBC driver for use in Java program in the database to access
    remote Oracle databases.

    - JDBC Server-side Internal Driver
    Server-side JDBC driver for use by Java Stored procedures. This
    driver used to be called the "JDBC Kprb Driver".

    For complete documentation, please refer to "JDBC Developer's Guide
    and Reference".

    ------ \oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\jdbc\readme.txt

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