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Thread: The real difference between SQL Server and Oracle

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    The real difference between SQL Server and Oracle

    For years now there's been a constant war between MS supporters and Oracle supporters. Oracle has these features, SQL Server has these features, etc. But that's not really where the real importance lies.

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    So I've wasted the last 10 years working with Oracle?!?!?!

    Oracle is still living in the old days where everything is a good ole boys club. This is the world of linux and unix where they started, and it's a dinosaur, man. You just can't afford to do business like that anymore. You have to open up your community and start programs to encourage your best people to help and teach.
    And right now, with all the factors involved, MS is a better overall platform than Oracle because it doesn't matter what your platform can do if nobody knows how to make it work.

    Now I have to wonder how I made Oracle work for the last 10 years!
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