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    Anybody using ERWin?


    I wonder if any is using ERWin Release 7.

    My question is how do I connect to an Oracle database as SYS.

    SYS has to log as SYSDBA and I don't know how to connect from within ERWin.

    I've posted the question to CA (makers of ERWin) but I was told that I may have to wait for a day.



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    iirc you will enter "user/password@hoststring as sysdba" , all toghether, in the first loginīs screen line, but PLEASE, donīt do it : SYS is special, SYS is magic, it is so super-powerful, so easy to drop some internal thing and trash a database, you run a VERY HIGH risk doing things in the db as SYS... PLEASE use another user, even one with DBA role if you wish (SYSTEM, maybe), but FORGET SYS to do mundane task like it.... Better safe than sorry...



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    Feb 2008

    Thanks for your warning and I will use it with caution.

    But your suggestion did not work for me. The Oracle Connection form has three fields: User Name, Password and Connection String.

    If I leave Password and Connection String empty and provide the value you suggested, I get an error message, "ORA-01005: null password given;logon denied."

    If I leave the user name and password empty and supply the value in the Connection string, I get an error message, "ORA-01041: internal error.hostdef extension does not exist."

    Please advise.


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