Maybe this thread is not quite related with oracle . Actually I am facing an issue about how to hike the inquiry performance over a very large table which stores the order items from different companies .
a. the number of companies is 7 ( which is fixed and unlikely it will be changed )
b. the order items from different companies won't interferred each other . ( on the other words , order from Company A will be handled by Company A only ).
c. The table is too large.

I was thinking to create different table partitions for different companyA in this table . My assumption is , by doing so , the inquiry speed will be up , because the inquiry will only scan the specific partition ( in my assumption).

Is it possible to create table partition in SQL Server ( because currently infra is on SQL Server) . I heard that SQL Server2005 has a simular new feature about partitioni . But I am not sure whether it does well as what oracle does.

Please advise .