Hi all,

I am relatively new to Oracle, and am currently battling with a particularly irritating problem...

Basically, when generating reports, I need to 'background' the task. The report generator needs a grand total of one parameter (a key for a table).

This is seemingly rather easy to do.

1st option: create 'regular' job. Quick, and easy, but takes 0.5s(!) per call!

2nd option: use 'lightweight' job. A little more difficult, but still relatively easy. Creating a lightweight job takes a grand total of only 0.02 seconds (which is more what I am looking for). But when i pass a parameter, I run into some problems. In order to pass the parameter, I need to create the job in 'disabled' state, set the argument, then enable the job. And guess what - this takes 0.5s again!

Now, obviously, I much prefer the 0.02s option, to the 0.5s option, but how do I get the parameter to the job? The easiest solution, is to just use the name of the job as the key (since the name has to be unique anyway).

The question is, how do I get the name. i found this woderfull Oracle FAQ:


"Can the name of the job be retrieved from within the job?


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A truely helpful FAQ that - tells me what I want to do can be done, but gives no clue as to how.

Any ideas? How can i get the job name? Or, is there a better way to get the paramters to the job?