I have installed Clusterware on Linux REL5 and can't finish up the install where you set VIP addresses using vipca. This is a 2 node cluster and no RAC DBMS is installed yet, as I need to complete clusterware install first.

I applied oracle fixes for Linux 5 (oracle note 414163.1). Root.sh completes fine on the first nodes and starts all crs deamons. On second node it also brings up deamons then fails on call to vipca, with
Error 0(Native: listNetInterfaces:[3])
[Error 0(Native: listNetInterfaces:[3])]

Note 414163.1 says this is expected and the work around is to set the global public and cluster_interconnect interfaces by hand using
iofcfg setif -global. When I try this with either my public and private subnets, I get the following error:

[root@ora2 bin]# ./oifcfg setif -global eth0/
PROC-4: The cluster registry key to be operated on does not exist.
PRIF-11: cluster registry error

Checking the logs I can see it is trying to update OCR key "SYSTEM.css.interfaces". When I dump the OCR this key is not there.
It looks like the clscfg -install command that creates the OCR failed to include this base key.

I have opened a ORACLE SR on this but so far they have only responed with fixes, that ignore there own documentation for Linux 5 and do not work. Is anyone out there running 10g Clusterware on RedHat 5? Any help would be appreciated.