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    trapping the key strokes in Forms

    1.) How can i set tooltip property of an item dynamically.
    I am using :
    " set_item_property('ITEM_NAME',tooltip_text,'AAAA') ". but its not giving desired result.

    2.) How can i trap the key strokes while working in a runtime form.
    actually my requirement is that i have to scroll certain message along
    with the record. the triggers are available (KEY_SCRUP & KEY_SCRDOWN)
    but i am not able to find which key user has pressed ( up or down arrow
    key). so i just want to trap wether user has pressed up key or down key
    so i can fire trigger accrodingly.

    so is there any way to trap the keystrokes ( in D2k Form). ?

    thanx in advance.

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    To the second question:
    You can code the triggers KEY_UP and KEY_DOWN on forms or block level.
    These keys are usually to do previous_record and next_record. So, be sure that is it what you realy want.
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