I'm unable to resolve an issue with streams, local capture, uni-directional. I've set up streams on source and destination with no errors showing in the capture, propagation and apply views. The views show 'enabled' in all three areas and publishing messages/capturing LCRS/enabled notifications and the queues are both created and queue-to-queue is set to true. The database links have been tested and the 2 database listeners are configured correctly.

However, the STRMMON shows no actual propagation happening and there are basically no messages being applied, even though both of these processes are enabled with no errors. I followed the following metalink doc very closely in terms of setting init params and also applied 8 of the most recent patches for streams. The patching has eliminated issues like excessive flow control and various ORA-errors, but the problem seems to be with queuing and/or propagation. I've referenced the Oracle Streams Concepts & Admin Guide as well as the Streams Replication Guide, ran the Metalink Health Checks and there are no errors from over 30 queries I've run.

10.2 Streams Recommendations
Overview of Oracle Streams =========================== Streams can be configured in many different ways depending on the business requirements
requirements. Streams can be used for such diverse tasks as data replication, data warehousing
418755.1 17-DEC-2007

The queues and propagation colums are 0 and the DDL and DML
changes I'm making at source aren't being shipped to the destination. I'm
attaching a snapshot of the STRRMON and the health checks from both
source/destination. I have configured the parameters, but would really
appreciate some specific advice on how to get the Streams process enabled and

Although capture shows enabled with no errors, somehow the enqueue/dequeue processes aren't propagating the changes made. I originally used impdp to import the exact same objects into identical schema, created newly, in both environments, so there should be no issue with SCN mismatches. Is there some schema/table level instantiation (recursive=>all?) cmd that I need to give? and if so what is the syntax? or is there a need for supplemental logging (i've forced logging at the database level, but I'm trying to do schema-level replication)... Please keep in mind that I've seen all of the oracle/metalink docs and parsed through quite a few of the forums strings, but still no luck. Hopefully I'm just missing one piece of the puzzle that someone can help me identify based on their experience.