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Thread: stats on X$ tables

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    stats on X$ tables


    Once we gather stats on oracle dictionary, How can we tell if stats were indeed collected on all the dictionary objects.

    I have report from SAP that says some of the X$ tables DO NOT have stats on them though we have gathered stats on oracle dictionary.

    v$fixed_table does not have 'last_analyzed' column. I'm not sure how to check that. Also, are there any x$ tables that should not have stats on them?

    Appreciate your help.


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    See, the X$ objects in truth are NOT tables, they are a bunch of arrays in memory, and the dictionary views like nn_TABLES search only for real tables, yes... So, afaik, excluding some weird and non-documented query with internal objects, the best way to check for stats in fixed tables is to use DBMS_STATS.EXPORT_FIXED_OBJECTS_STATS to export the stats to a user table and see what you see...



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