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Thread: controlfile identification error

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    Usually, we do these steps @ command mode interactively

    *creating control file nomount mode
    *mounting database
    *recovering the database if its production/development and has backup,archivelog,wanted transactions in redolog .
    *opening database

    If you want to include these, the way trace file gives it can be done thru script.

    Assuming,thinking there might be any problem while bringing back database from loss of cotrol file, in general people does stepwise interactively rather driven by a script.

    ASA you bring db up do


    And mirror controlfiles atleast 2 locations.

    NORESETLOGS and SCN sync makes difference if you have turned on archivelog mode and you are doing recovery otherwise, no difference, as your logs will be recycled anyway as you are not moveing 'em to archivedlog. So,RESETLOGS resets your logs and starts logging with beginig SCN.

    Hope you got what Jeff steps meant now. You said no archivelog, no backup. So, Jeff gave you the steps to match your situation.

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    jmodic explain

    consolidate the concept of recreating controlfile....


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    Thanks a lot sreddy and jeff..
    Now everything is back in form..
    creating the control file and recovery got done successfully.
    except that i had some db links and they failed.. i am working on it now.. (listener was shut down)..

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