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Thread: How to publish java stored procedure

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    I encountered problem when publishing java stored proedure in oracle 8.1.6.
    Here is the java program:
    public class swapper {
    public static void swap( int[] x,int[] y) {
    int hold = x[0];
    x[0] = y[0];
    y[0] = hold;

    Then I use loadjava utility:
    C:>loadjava -user system/manager@orcl -v
    I checked the user_objects table about,the status is valid.
    Then i goto sqlplus system/manager to publish the java stored
    procedure as following:
    sql>create or replace procedure swap(x in out number,y in out number)
    as language java
    name 'swapper.swap(int[],int[])';
    system give error msg:
    warning:procedure created with compilation error
    after that
    I check the user_objects table about swap procedure,I found the status is invalid. When I try to call this java stored procedure in PL/SQL. The error msg is invalid procdure;
    pls help me

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    What's the problem anyway?


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