raising ulimit on solaris
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Thread: raising ulimit on solaris

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    I'm trying to recreate an existing system running Oracle, and when I try to finalize the install by running root.sh the script tells me that I need to up the ulimit of user 'oracle'.

    Does anyone have any advice on which resource limit I should adjust. Because it's the test instance I'm going to adjust the settings, but I was hoping that someone with more oracle on unix experience might have seen this before.

    There is little on metalink about it.. :(

    Thanks, any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have set it to 'unlimited' never had any problems. I dunno cons about it.

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    after some research on metalink i have found that the root.sh script will always says to up the ulimit for user 'oracle' if you have anything other than a number in one of your resource limits. ie. 'unlimited'. most of the tars that I read stated that the solution was to 'ignore the message'.

    If you run root.sh and some of the settings in ulimit are unlimited, then the script tries to make a number out of the character string 'unlimited'. This cases the root.sh to echo the message.

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