We are in the process of migration / upgradation. Below are the steps, i am planning to follow. Can pls somebody correct me if i am missing something ??



2 Node RAC (production)
Cluster: 10g R1 CRS
File system: HP unix FS
Storage Data FileSystem: Rawfiles.

Requirement is to convert the Above Source into the below Target configuration

2 Node RAC
Cluster: 10g R2 CRS ( To be upgraded from R1)
DB: (To be upgraded from

File system: HP Unix FS
Data FileSystem: Veritas File System. ( Existing in source is RAW file system)

STEPS we are planning to follow:
1.Shutdown the Source (production) and take cold backup of datafiles and Oracle home.
2. Copy the Raw files from source to target using dd command.
(The target has veritas FS)
To do this we are using dd command.

3. Copy Oracle Home from Source to Target. (Single Node)

4. Recreate Controlfile and bring up the single Node on Veritas File system

5. Ensure everything is working Fine.

Steps to upgrade.
8. Upgrade DB from To and apply patchset

10. Install CRS on 2 nodes for RAC.

11. Upgrade to by applying patchset.

12. Convert Single node RAC to Dual node RAC (either using rconfig or DBCA )