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Thread: signature change error

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    signature change error

    i have made some changes in my existing procedure.i am using Oracle forms 5.0. Form 'A' calls that procedure. but after modification, when i run that form from live environment, it gives me following error:

    " ORA-04062 (Signature has been changed) ".

    although same form is working fine if i run it from development environment.
    everything is working fine if i open & run the form from ORACLE FORM BUILDER.
    but as soon as i compile the form & run it from live Environment it gives me above mentioned error.

    Kindly solve it.
    Early action in this matter will be highly appreciated.


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    You can do either of the following :

    1) recompile store procedure or (Thru SQL * Plus)
    2) restart form module second time.

    1) recompile store procedure or
    alter [procedure/function/package] strore_name compile;
    2) restart form module second time.
    -- steps of Oracle runform execution process
    -- 1. Oracle forms try to execute store procedure
    -- and compare timestamps forms and store procedure
    -- if store procedure was compiling later then form module
    -- then u get this message.
    -- 2. when u restart runform again whithout any
    -- addition action, usually all ok

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    i tried that but it still gives me same error.
    will it do if i compile the procedure at remote server location rather than compiling it at my local client machine.


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