Hi! there:

I am an international student here(USA) to gain my
double master degree and pursue Oracle8 DBA
Certification. (one more exam left, then I will make it)

Lately, I start to look for a job on Oracle DBA or
Unix related fields by posting my resume on some
well-known websites or going for job fairs.
However, I found that Most of companies don't want
to sponsor a H1-Visa for Non-US-Citizen, don't want
to hire entry-level employees just from schools.......
even you are good at school or certification exams

It's totally different from what I heard and expected
before. People keep saying if you earn an DBA OCP,
then you will easily get a job here,even only pass two....
I get confused now??? Can someone have the positive
answer to cheer me up?? Your highly support will be
much appreciated.