Hi everyone,

I have been in IT field for more than 2 1/2 years. 10 months ago, I heard that Oracle database was very interesting and challenging. Therefore, I spent a large amount of money and time for Oracle database classes to prepare for exams. It had been rough, but finally I passed all the exams and got certify on November 27, 2000. I have been looking and looking and looking for a Junior DBA position in Orange County, CA; Plano, Texas, and New Orleans, LA, but the employers keep asking for experiences. How can you get experience if they don't give you a chance?

I checked out the jobs at http://www.dice.com, http://www.hotjobs.com, http://www.computerjobs.com, http://www.monster.com, etc. I have no luck. Please give me any advise that you can because I begin to lose faith that there is one company out there is willing to give me a chance. I really appreciate your advise.