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    Hi! there:

    I am an international student here(USA) to gain my
    double master degree and pursue Oracle8 DBA
    Certification. (one more exam left, then I will make it)

    Lately, I start to look for a job on Oracle DBA or
    Unix related fields by posting my resume on some
    well-known websites or going for job fairs.
    However, I found that Most of companies don't want
    to sponsor a H1-Visa for Non-US-Citizen, don't want
    to hire entry-level employees just from schools.......
    even you are good at school or certification exams

    It's totally different from what I heard and expected
    before. People keep saying if you earn an DBA OCP,
    then you will easily get a job here,even only pass two....
    I get confused now??? Can someone have the positive
    answer to cheer me up?? Your highly support will be
    much appreciated.


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    I'm a H-1 holder working as Oracle DBA in a big company. A lot of international students studying computer science graduated every year and found jobs. You do have chances!
    Computer guys are still in great demand in the next few years. That's why the Congress has lifted barriers for H-1 visa processing several times in the past years.

    However, if you are looking for DBA jobs. Certification alone hardly work. It's the nature of the job. You must get experiences on way or another. Maybe starting as developer in consulting compnay might help.

    Good luck

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    If you have good academic background and ocp ( you do have) lots of compnies to take entry positions and train if you compromise with compensation package.

    I heard personally from my Managers who were interviewing for a junior dba positions that all they are looking for is one who has strong RDBMS background(theoritical) , logical thinking. They wouldn't mind to train and send him/her training.

    I have seen in somany forums also...somany people hire juniors at less pay and train 'em if they can't afford to have higly paid experience employees/consultants. Of course, their business is also not that critical obviously. But, you do have couple of restrctions of on H1B`s in big firms. Now a days its changing, with the new rules on H1B`s.

    Keep tryin, you will get there.

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    Smile Thank you...

    Dear qingbo & sreddy:

    Thanks a million for both your encouragement and suggestion. It does help me a lot not to feel at a loss....
    Meanwhile, I will keep trying to look for a job and
    broaden my limits as well. (I'm still taking courses in school)

    A chance is always given to a Prepared person, right? It just takes time and people to discover it....So, I won't give up
    until I carry it out.

    Hope that everything goes our way in the New Millennium!!
    Take Care & Good Luck to everyone!!

    P.S. I do welcome & appreciate others opinions.

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