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Thread: How to keep 20% of the table and delete the rest from a 35 million row table

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    How to keep 20% of the table and delete the rest from a 35 million row table

    Oracle info:
    Hi all,

    I'm planning to archive our production table which contain 35 million rows. I want to keep only 20% of the current table and move the rest to another archive table. I'm planning to do this by renaming the original table and creating a new table(original table_name) with 20% of the data using (create table as select *).

    Are there any other efficient way to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your process will do it just fine.

    Question is... is your affected table partitioned in a way which helps your archiving process?
    If the answer is Yes... partition swithching would do the trick very nicely.
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    unfortunately we don't have partitioned tables in our database.

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    But you can partition the table while you get rid of 80% of the data. Otherwise, as PAVB said, your process will be fine.

    You could try an append hint with the nologging clause to reduce redo. But that shouldn't matter that much.
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