I run Tkprof as below. Why is that I dont get the sql returned in the output?
What option is missing? I have run same and gotten sql and its plan in the past. I'm trying to get the sql that is generating ora-600. The sql is in the raw trace but is all messed up in there.

tkprof mabo_ora_7330.trc mabo.txt explain=system/XXXXX
table=sys.plan_tables sys=no waits=yes

tkprof mabo_ora_7330.trc mabo.txt explain=system/XXXXX sys=no waits=yes

this is all i get

KPROF: Release - Production on Tue Dec 11 10:29:12 2007

Copyright (c) 1982, 2005, Oracle. All rights reserved.

Trace file: mabo_ora_7330.trc
Sort options: execpu fchcpu
count = number of times OCI procedure was executed
cpu = cpu time in seconds executing
elapsed = elapsed time in seconds executing
disk = number of physical reads of buffers from disk
query = number of buffers gotten for consistent read
current = number of buffers gotten in current mode (usually for update)
rows = number of rows processed by the fetch or execute call
0 statements EXPLAINed in this session.
Trace file: mabo_ora_7330.trc
Trace file compatibility: 10.01.00
Sort options: execpu fchcpu
1 session in tracefile.
0 user SQL statements in trace file.
0 internal SQL statements in trace file.
0 SQL statements in trace file.
0 unique SQL statements in trace file.
90035 lines in trace file.
0 elapsed seconds in trace file.