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Thread: DIRECT parameter in expdp(oracle10g)?

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    DIRECT parameter in expdp(oracle10g)?

    Dear All, I have a question expdp/impdp utilities in oracle10g.

    In earlier release(imp,exp), we use two type of loading method. One is direct path, another one is conventional path. In 10g, how does it work? I don't see the parameter DIRECT in oracle10g? How can we specify the conventioanl path/direct path in expdp? Thanks

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    "Oracle will attempt to use the Direct Path first but there are a few situations that can force Data Pump to switch to the External Tables access method. Oracle documentation provides a listing of all the reasons why Data Pump was unable to use the Direct Path data access method. Since Data Pump will automatically switch from the Direct Path access method to External Tables, it is transparent to the client"

    That took about 30 seconds in google, try it - you might like it

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    Thanks Dav.

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