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    Partition Exhange?

    Hi kids!

    Anyone out there have direct experience with exchanging partitions?

    Oracle 10.2

    My apps team has a process where they load the latest monthly partition on a table by doing a select/ insert append on the same table. The problem is that one table in partitcular has 138+ million records, RI, and 17 indexes so this process takes 22 hours.

    We kicked around a few ideas yesterday and came up with partition exchange which I will be playing with today if I have the time. Just wanted to see if anyone has used it successfully. I know we use it in house for DW but there is no RI in DW.
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    I've used it when I had to do an update that would have resulted in the data moving partitions -- instead I partitioned-exchanged it out, did the update, then exchanged it back into the 'proper' partition, this avoiding a mass row movement.

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    We are using partition exchange as part of an archive and purge process; pretty much in the same way jhmartin does.

    It works just fine, fast and smooth.
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    But only that global indexes need rebuild.. or updated while exchange itself.. this may eat some time.. (but depends on how many u have)..


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    Thanks guys, we are looking into it as a solution.
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