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Thread: PL/SQL Recursion?

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    PL/SQL Recursion?


    I am not sure if recursion is the solution. But here is my issue.
    I have to do this only in the backend procedure and in Ora 91

    I have a teacher and he has a class he is teaching. I want to know all the students who are taking that class only glitch is the students themselves might be taking some class and I want the students of the class the students are teaching.

    i hope i am clear and not confusing you people

    i have 2 relations

    teacher-class table which has teacherid, classid
    class-student table which has classid, studentid

    in this say if teacher John teaches math and students A, B,C are enrolled in math.
    in turn A might teach science , B might teach history. in the science class which A teaches there might be students E,F,G

    So i want all the users if I pass John as teh parameter I should get
    A,B,C,E,F,G...But I should not get John again if he is enrolled in A's science class

    I am at loss now as to which way to go.
    Can you please help.

    I have modified my original requirement into a more readable example . pls let me know how to approach this issue. i am going nuts


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    not sure but you might look at hierachrical SQL queries, i.e Connect By

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