I have created a stored procedure which mines data from REDO log file, using the dynamic view v$logmnr_contents. I want to know if i create a sequnce and alters it, does that statment can be taken from REDO log file. Because in the procedure there is a statment that alters a sequence. And when i mine from v$logmnr_contents, its not there. I have tried this in oracle 8i and 9i. But my client say, the sequence alteration statements are mined from v$logmnr_contents. I dont know what version of oracle they use(i think 10g).

I want to know whether sequence alteration can be mined from REDO logfile in any version of oracle. I want to avoid such statments from v$logmnr_contents. I need only ddl,dml and commit statements from v$logmnr_contents.