Distinct Clobs
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Thread: Distinct Clobs

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    Distinct Clobs

    So i founjd a thread that sounded liek it solved my problem, but could not get resolve.

    liek the thread starter, I wish to retrieve distinct values that are CLOB fields.

    I have only two columns i am concerned with, one is session_type and request_clob.

    i would like to see the first 1000 distinct requests that belong to the particular session type.

    I have;
    select * from ebr_r.session_cr where
    (session_type='address-cleanse' or 
    session_type='ADDRESS_CLEANSE' )and
    created_datetime >= TO_DATE('2007-10-01 09:00', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MI')

    which was explained to be wrong, does not work.

    How would this work. I did not understand the use of all the extraneous fields in the example given.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Well though I am still curious, I ahve solved my issue wih an lternate route.

    I wrote a small yet robust Java appt o handle this for me. The app retirves mathcing records based on 5 criteria.

    All matching recotrdas are then screened for duplicate values within the clob field. I determin duplicates using 1 to 8 values found within the clobs.

    since the clobs are all xml i can retive key fields like session id to detemin if they are dupes or not.

    at the end, all non-duplicate records have their xml printed to file.

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