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Thread: exp/imp privileges

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    Lightbulb exp/imp privileges

    Dear all,

    A user needs to export and import other schema objects; however, I do not want to give this user dba nor exp_full_database and imp_full_database roles. These exp_full_database and imp_full_database roles have too many system privileges, such as drop and create user, and drop any objects privileges. These are privileges that non dba user doesn't need or can do harm to the database.

    Can anyone provide me a list of privileges that are just enough for a user to exp and imp other schema objects?


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    The only other oracle-centric alternative is to give them the password to the other scheme objects as you need either direct access to the schema or those privileges.

    A non-oracle way to do it is to create a UNIX 'sudo' task for them that allows them to invoke imp(dp) / exp(dp) with certain predefined options as a privileged user.

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    Thanks! I realized that this can't be done without the two roles across schemas other than the way you mentioned.

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