Hopefully you guys can help me out

im am currently i am in the process of testing an oracle database application in particular Oracle HR suite.
To test the oracle HR database we will be cutting test data from the live production system. however been told by resident oracle experts that there might be issues in cutting the production data for testing purposes ( ie we have a exact instance of oracle application in test environment as in production)
the following example was given as the issues we might face

(i) If we take a cut of the oracle production data on 5th Oct 2007 and start testing in Jan 2007, the oracle processes that need to run for all the records for 4 weeks with dates before the system date , hence these processes wouldnt run because processes/functions in oracle are system date sensitive

as further explained below

the system date is in Jan 2007 and the data cut is from Oct 5 2007. so will need to alter the system date, such that oracle thinks it is in Novemeber not Jan 2007. Hence would therefore pick up data records from Oct 2007 and populate our test environment instance of the application

guys im not an oracle expert but doing this sounds complicated is there a easy and fail safe method to overcome this issue somehow.