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Thread: database size

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    I have around 80 tables, two of them historical tables which are estimated to grow up to 4G/month. Beside that I have some BLOB fields containing pictures, so those tables can also grow a lot. No of concurent users is no more than 10.
    Overall, the database can grow up to 55 G.
    Is that database considered big?

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    Big is a relative term. To me, 55G is very small. A couple of years ago, the term VLDB (very large database) was used with DBs of 100G or more. Today, I consider a 1TB database VLDB.
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    Yes :D
    I would recommend Partitioning.
    Ramon Caballero, DBA,

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    I recommend you store those BLOB columns in a separate tablespace, since they are probably stored out of line anyway (if they are over 4k).

    This will also allow for more space in the original table(s).

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