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    query tuning or give alternate solution- plz

    hi friends,

    if i use the following query it hangs.

    select * from rm_stkfile where piece_no not in(
    select piece_no from rm_purdetl);

    here rm_purdetl table consistis of around 74000 rows.
    rm_stkfile consists of around 50000 rows.
    piece_no is common column in both tables.

    what is alternate solution for this.


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    1- You would never ever do a "select *", select just what you need.
    2- NOT IN is the worst predicate you can think about
    3- I stand corrected, NOT IN of a inline view is the worst predicate you can think about

    Please post...
    a) Available indexes.
    b) Explain plan.
    Pablo (Paul) Berzukov

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    Check out the explain plan for these:

    Select * From Rm_Stkfile 
     Where Piece_No In (
         Select Piece_No From Rm_Stkfile 
         Select Piece_No From Rm_Purdetl);
    And this:

    Select * From Rm_Stkfile S
     Where NOT EXISTS (
         Select 'True' From Rm_Purdetl P
          Where P.Piece_No = S.Piece_No);

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