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    pl/sql: select into date is wrong format

    I have a column defined as date with values such as 1/1/2007. If I select that column INTO a local date var, it becomes 1/1/07.

    I also tried selecting it into a varchar2 column and using to_date(var,'mm/dd/yyyy') but that also yielded 1/1/07.

    If I do a plain select (outside pl/sql) the column will display as 1/1/2007.

    How can I force the local var to be mm/dd/yyyy? thanks!


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    If it's a DATE, it's a date. It's right, Oracle understands it, don't worry about how it appears to YOU, it's not a varchar. If you are not seeing it right you may want to format it with TO_CHAR, rather than TO_DATE.

    If this is too annoying take a look at NLS_DATE_FORMAT in your init files.

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