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Thread: decrease number of extents on large tables (export/import)

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    i want to export/import some database-tables to decrease the number of extents. The problem is that one of the tables is about 4 GByte (BAAN-Table).
    What will happen to the initial extent when i use the compress option ?
    How can i set the size of the extents manually ?
    I'm using oracle 7.3 on hp_ux.


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    COMPRESS=Y will set your initial extent to the size necessary to fit the entire table into one extent. Once the table is imported back in, you can change the next extent size by:
    alter table xys storage (next 1280K);
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    I would not recommend an extent size gretear than 1Gb.
    If you use compress=y initial will be 4Gb and you will need a datafile greater than that.
    You can "set it manually" if you create first the table and in the import put ignore=y
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