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    Radi Config

    How would you configure your disks with those specifications?

    General Database Characteristics:
    os is Oracle Enterprise Linux 64 bit
    Enterprise Edition
    180GIG size database.
    High "oltp" environment.
    Estimated growth of 40 to 60GIG/year
    20GIG of archivelogs/Day
    Flashback time is 24 hours:120GIG of flashback space in avg
    Local backup. Full database copy, then incremental is the preferred method.
    That way, if a datafile goes bezerk, replace with backup datafile then recover.
    Or if only a few corrupt block, block recover with rman.
    BTW: Backup is done locally first, then send to another server, than on tape.
    Archivelogs is duplexed on another server.

    General Hardware Info:
    Server Platform: Dell PowerEdge 1950
    16 GIG RAM
    2 * 64 bit CPU's
    2 * local 300G/15rpm disks

    Storage: Dell PowerVault MD3000
    15 * 300G/15rpm Disks

    Possibility for 17 disks here.

    Here is my configuration so far:
    OS+ oracle binary + Online Redo Logs Copy 1 + Control File Copy 1: 2 disks raid 1
    flashback + backup + Online Redo Logs Copy 2 + Control File Copy 2: 4 disks raid 1 or 10
    archivelogs: 2 disks raid 1
    Temporary Datafiles: 1 disk no raid
    UNDO Datafiles: 2 disks raid 1
    Datafiles 6 disk raid10
    total 17 disks: + spare disks on the side of one ever fails

    1) How would you configure it with those specs?
    2) Is there missing info to make a particular decision?

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    so you want to install OS and Oradle binary in a SAN?

    if I was you I would just use SAME, Stripe All Mirror Everything, i.e RAID 10 for everything

    be careful with Flashback, it has some overheads

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