We recently upgraded to 10g (using Oracle version

The problem is that we're trying to enter multi-byte characters (Chinese characters) into our TGRAMS application. However, when we try to save
that text in the application, we get an "v_alltxtmstr" error (which is, according to one of our DBAs, an ora-22926 error). The changes then roll

We know that the data fields in our TGRAMS application can handle the double-byte data because we've never had this problem before.

This error seemed to occur after we upgraded to 10g.

Our application is located on a PC that has a Chinese Operating Systerm (XP) and Office 2003 (Chinese). We copy and paste the Chinese text from a Word doc into the application.

We tried typing the text as well as pasting the document into word pad first before inserting it into the application.

So, we are at a lost. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.