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Thread: database size

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    How many tables should a database have to be considered big? Mine has around 80.

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    No of tables in a database doesn't specify the size of the database.Because, One can have one table that occupies 2GB or 200 tables that occupie 2GB.So, Its the space(in MB/GB/Tera Bytes) occupied by all datafiles on the OS file systems.

    There are other factors like No of concurrent users, transaction volume adds to scalability and capacity of database.

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    Bye no. of tables u can not judge the database size. It depends on your datafile, redolog files and control files. U try this query. It will give you DB size.

    Select sum(bytes/(1024*1024)) from dba_data_files.

    This will give DB size in terms of GB.

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    If you have'nt yet created your database, you need to do
    a proper table sizing exercise, to guesstimate the amount of disk space you will need.
    Some Things to consider Per Table :
    1. No of bytes per row
    2. Number of rows initially, and add the forecasted growth of the table - saves you having to add datafiles all the time, and
    avoid fragmentation
    3. Number and size of indexes

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