I read on the documentation that in order to do a PITR on a database using RMAN, you need to run the following commands:

set until time "to_date('08/28/07 15:00:00' , 'mm/dd/yy hh24:mi:ss')";
restore database;
recover database;
alter database open resetlogs;}

This can be done provided that the controlfile is intact.
However, what if my controlfile is lost and needs to be restored from my spfile?

If i was to do a restoration on 30 AUG and my aim is to restore the database to the 28 AUG, my controlfile will be restored to the 30 AUG instead of 28 AUG if i restore it using the spfile right?
Will using a controlfile restored to 30 AUG affect restoration of the database to 28 AUG?

Thanks in advance!!