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Thread: ora 12592

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    ora 12592


    when client and server are in one lan, something like this:

    SELECT sys_context('USERENV', 'HOST') FROM dual;

    create or replace view xxhy_view_a as select dummy from dual;

    create or replace view xxhy_view_b as select a from xxhy_view_a;

    create or replace force view xxhy_view_b (b, c) as select a, c from xxhy_view_a;

    select instance_name from v$instance;
    SELECT sys_context('USERENV'

    works, it has error, but session is alive.

    when client and server are in different lans, ora-12592 error ocures and session is reseted.

    Does anybody knows what to do and why is it happening?

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    absolutely none of that makes any sense

    provide a full example with all errors

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    I know that it does not make any sense.
    I know it is bad code.
    What I want to know is why it breaks session in WAN, and don't break session when in LAN.
    third line from bellow is one that creates error.
    Problem is that this error breakes session when in WAN, server sends tcp rst.
    When in LAN, session is not broken, you can continue working, it just sends error.

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    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsdo: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsdo: cid=0, opcode=85, *bl=0, *what=0, uflgs=0x0, cflgs=0x3
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsdo: rank=64, nsctxrnk=0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsdo: nsctx: state=8, flg=0x400c, mvd=0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsdo: gtn=143, gtc=143, ptn=10, ptc=2011
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsdo: switching to application buffer
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsrdr: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsrdr: recving a packet
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsprecv: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nsprecv: reading from transport...
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:489] nttrd: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:491] nttrd: socket 12 had bytes read=1
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:491] nttrd: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:491] nsprecv: 1 bytes from transport
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:491] nttrd: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nttrd: socket 12 had bytes read=7
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nttrd: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsprecv: 7 bytes from transport
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsprecv: bad packet header (plen=0x2100)
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsprecv: packet hdr
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsprecv: 21 00 0B 00 00 0C 00 00 |!.......|
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsprecv: error exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nserror: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nserror: nsres: id=0, op=68, ns=12592, ns2=0; nt[0]=0, nt[1]=0, nt[2]=0; ora[0]=0, ora[1]=0, ora[2]=0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsrdr: error exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsdo: nsctxrnk=0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:492] nsdo: error exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqrc: wanted 1 got 0, type 0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqper: error from nioqrc
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqper: ns main err code: 12592
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqper: ns (2) err code: 0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqper: nt main err code: 0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqper: nt (2) err code: 0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqper: nt OS err code: 0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqer: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqer: incoming err = 12151
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] niomapnserror: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] niqme: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] niqme: reporting NS-12592 error as ORA-12592
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] niqme: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] niomapnserror: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqce: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqce: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqer: returning err = 12592
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqer: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqrc: exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqrs: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqrs: state = interrupted (1)
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqsm: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nioqsm: Sending break packet (1)...
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdo: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdo: cid=0, opcode=67, *bl=1, *what=17, uflgs=0x100, cflgs=0x3
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdo: rank=64, nsctxrnk=0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdo: nsctx: state=8, flg=0x400c, mvd=0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdo: gtn=143, gtc=143, ptn=10, ptc=2011
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdofls: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdofls: DATA flags: 0x0
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdofls: normal exit
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nsdo: sending NSPTMK packet
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nspsend: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nspsend: plen=11, type=12
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nttwr: entry
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nttwr: socket 12 had bytes written=11
    [10-AUG-2007 14:49:04:493] nttwr: exit

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