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Thread: How to: Install Oracle client remotely on windows machine.

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    How to: Install Oracle client remotely on windows machine.

    Can anyone suggest a way how I can achieve this :
    1. User clicks on a static webpage for Oracle client install.
    2. The installer appears and automatically installs the softwate (Using response file)
    3. Installer shows the status of installation and exits.

    I have :
    1.Windows server where oracle client software dump is kept.
    2.Response file for Oracle client install.

    Any help is highly appreciated.
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    Alternative 1:

    With all the available resources, I could achive it partially .. thought it might help someone ..

    Scope: Windows and Oracle client software install.

    1. The user clicks on a batch script (.bat) to initiate install.
    2. Users dont have to download the oracle client software on their computers.
    3. Make use of a shared drive and Response File.


    1. Download Oracle client software and uncompress it to a folder.

    2. Open command prompt window and cd (change directory) to this directory.

    3. Run the setup.exe from command prompt as :
    setup.exe -record -destinationFile newResponseFile

    setup.exe -record -destinationFile DSS10GClient.bat

    4. The Graphical Installer appears on the screen. Now, provide all the necessary information and proceed to the next screens untill you see the installation screen. Do not hit the "Install" button at this point. Just exit from the installer and we would have our response file created.

    5. Now put this response file in the directory same as setup.exe

    6. Copy this whole directory and put it on a server/desktop that users can map to and install the software. We can call this path as "Install_Path" in this example.

    6. Create a new .bat file with name of your choice in the same directory with following contents:

    setup.exe -silent -nowelcome -force -responseFile I:\Dss_10gcleint_install.rsp




    net use I: \\idiswrk1\IDIS_TEAM_WORKAREA\CARES\Databases\Client\10201_client_win32\client
    setup.exe -silent -nowelcome -force -responseFile I:\Dss_10gcleint_install.rsp

    7.Now users can simply double click on the .bat file to run and the installation is done silently on the command prompt window.

    Also, you can send the batch file to users and have them run it directly than going to this network drive. This worked for me and i tired this on few of my collegues computers and it works fine.


    1. This would fail if the user has a I: drive letter in use for some other drive mapping. So, some work needs to be done to disconnect this drive during this installation and reconnect once done or use a free drive letter intelligently.
    2. The mapped I drive stays connected for only 15 mins of idle time and then disconnects it.
    3. Write a program to push the file to remote machines like automated software delivery and run it. This way we can fully automate it.

    or here :
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