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Thread: How to select distinct combinations?

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    How to select distinct combinations?


    Is it possible to select distinct combinations?

    I have a table that consists of pairs of numbers. e.g.,

    create table pairs ( numa number, numb number );

    What I want to do is select all unique combinations of pairs. If I have these values:

    1, 3
    3, 1
    2, 4

    then I want the result to be

    1, 3
    2, 4

    ...which does not include "3,1" because it's a "duplicate" of "1,3". Hey, I don't write these apps ;-)

    Ideally, the lower number would always come first, but that is something that could be fixed with a second pass...I'm not sure how that could be done in a single query since you'd be changing the order of the columns on a row-by-row basis...

    Right now the pairs table is huge and it's being processed by a row-by-row PL/SQL that tries to insert on a results table and catches's pretty slow.

    Ideas? Thanks!


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    select distinct least(col1, col2), greatest (col1,col2)
    from ...
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