I have an urgent task.
The task is refresh the db2 with db1., who are on different box.
The db2 was completely wiped off and in in nomount mode.

Originally I used the following way to do:
1) made a full backup of dbq1 to tape
2) duplicate

The problem is that the rman backup on tape of db1 cannot be accessed by db2.
The UNIX admin needs to do something. But all of them are gone.

The option left for me is :
I1) I have a full rman backup of db1 on disk on the box where db1 resides

Is the following method doable:
1) ftp the disk rman backup of db1 to db2 box
2) restore the db2 using the rman backup of db1

If it is doable, would you please outline the procedure?

If it is not donable, what is the best way for me to finish this task?

Thank you very much!