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Thread: How is this NOT key preserved?

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    How is this NOT key preserved?

    Suppose we have a table A
    Its PK has 3 columns, X, Y and Z
    The table is to be joined to itself:

      a src INNER JOIN a dst ON src.x=dst.x AND src.y = dst.y
      src.z = 'source' AND
      dst.z = 'dest'

    For any given row that has a Z column of text "source"
    There can only be one other row having matching X and Y columns and a Z column of dest

    The whole of the PK is accounted for, and there either exists a pair of rows, or there not exists a pair of rows

    But this view is not updatable according to oracle.. How can it be written so the optimizer believes that?

    Thanks in advance

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    Use a merge instead of an update?
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    I did in the end.. it just irritates me that it doesnt work when it should!

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