RMAN backups to tape
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Thread: RMAN backups to tape

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    Exclamation RMAN backups to tape

    Oracle 10gR2 Standard edition,
    RAC - 2 nodes consisting of 2 Windows 2003 servers

    I am kind of new to RMAN. We are trying to setup backup of RAC ASM database to tape.

    Q1. Is there a way to copy backups on ASM/EMC-SAN disks to tape everynight. (option1)
    Q2. Do we need Media Manager software for sure - Which one?
    Q2. I guess, since option 1 may not be possible, we will have to copy db directly to tape. When trying to do that, I am getting ORA-27211 error

    We have used veritas earlier. Do we need to setup veritas agent for oracle backups (or any other – which one?) to have ‘orasbt.dll’

    After veritas installation, If it doesn’t show up in %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\
    How do we setup SBT_LIBRARY parameter.

    Something like this?

    PARMS='SBT_LIBRARY=/mediavendor/lib/libobk.so ENV=(NSR_SERVER=tape_svr,NSR_CLIENT=oracleclnt,NSR_GROUP=ora_tapes)' FORMAT "BACKUP_%U";

    I have seen this link:


    This is from above link:

    When allocating or configuring channels for RMAN to use to communicate with a media manager, specify the SBT_LIBRARY parameter to provide the path to the media management software library. When RMAN actually allocates channels to communicate with a media manager, it attempts to load the library indicated by the SBT_LIBRARY parameter.

    If you do not provide a value for this parameter, RMAN looks in a platform-specific default location. On UNIX, the default library filename is $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libobk.so, with the extension name varying according to platform: .so, .sl, .a, and so forth. On Windows the default library location is %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\orasbt.dll.


    The default media management library file is not part of the standard database installation. It is only present if you install third-party media management software.

    If the database is unable to locate a media management library in the location specified by the SBT_LIBRARY parameter or the default location, then RMAN issues an ORA-27211 error and exits.

    Any help is very much appreciated.

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    You need agents if you plan to backup ASM backups to tapes

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